I am a graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon...

I love collaborating on teams to make projects come to life...


Production Design /

Worked with a team at AKQA on developing a story for Las Vegas’ hotel and casino.

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be honest

Project Management / Art Direction / Brand Identity

Lead the organization and promotion of the annual student showcase in the Portland State Graphic Design program held at Wieden+Kennedy.

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UX Design /
UI Design
/ Brand Identity

Rebranded and redesigned the webiste of Chrysalis Preschool, a local home school in the Portland community.

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Art Direction /
Advertising Campaign

A pitch for Zia McCabe, a keyboardist for the Dandy Warhols, who decided to pursue a career in real estate, as A to Zia Realty.

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I have worked on many different teams, fulfilling various roles...

I like to address topics that are inspired by my past experiences...


UI Design /
UX Design

An app concept for frequent travelers who have experienced lengthy layovers. Skitter is the efficient way to get to your next gate, and make all the stops you need in time.

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Art Direction / Campaign System / UI Design

Creative conference concept for advertising professionals, where AI is introduced in an approachable way showing the powerful relationship possible between AI and creatives.

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UI Design /
Research / Web Development

This thesis project explores the role of a fans across different sports and proposes a solution in form of a website to help launch of the U.S. professional volleyball league.

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I enjoy diving into process and research to explore greater problems...

and exploring new techniques and design approaches...


Motion Graphics /
/ Infographic
This animated infographic dissects the concept of cloud storage and explores the four main storage types that lead us to where we are today.

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UX Design / Proof of Concept
A blue sky smart gym concept with some advanced technologies for those with busy lifestyles, yet high expectations to be healthy individuals on a budget.

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