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An app concept for frequent travelers who have experienced lengthy layovers. Skitter is the efficient way to get to your next gate, and make all the stops you need in time.

Have you ever had a layover at the airport where you felt like you had all the time in the world to walk around and all the sudden it was time to go to the gate?


User Story
As a frequent traveler, I want an app to ease the layover experience, so that I make the stops I need and am not late to my flight.

User Flow

user experience

When planning a trip, there are various categories of stops to choose from.

Quick access menu with chosen stops, navigation to the gate, and ticket information for when the user is boarding.

If there is a change in the trip, the app is there to help you resolve the issue.

For an alternative view, this section offers a further away view of the airport for the user to browse around.

For more efficient planning, there is an option to customize the profile with preferences.

Under guidance of Phillip Nguyen

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