Production Design / Website Storytelling

A project where I got to be a part of a large brand relaunch, presenting Palms Resort in a new light — as the new Vegas.


Production Designer, AKQA
As a part of the content team, I worked with UX designers, copywriters and visual designers on developing a website narrative for the Palms Resort.

project components

Modular System
The website was developed with a CMS so the team was working with different components to deliver the story. There was ongoing communication between the UX, design and developer teams to make sure the modules satisfy the story we are telling on the website.

I came into the project at a later stage where the visual design elements were already made, so my role was working with the team organizing and editing modules to tell the best story for the newly re-established brand.

Asset Management
The role also included asset management and photo altering in order to tell the most cohesive story. Keeping track of over 100 pages and assets that are associated with each page to pass onto the authoring team.


Prior to the website redesign, the team at AKQA launched—From Dust To Gold, a campaign where instead of hiding the remodeling of the Palms Resort, the campaign embraced the destruction and showcased it to the world.

The campaign was successful at intriguing the audience of what is about to come after the remodel.

To push the idea forward, Palms needed to redesign their web presence to be on par with the story build up.

Under direction of Associate Creative Director Reef Younis & Associate Design Director Benjamin Parisot