UI Design / Art Direction / Campaign System

It seems like Artificial Intelligence(AI) is replacing nearly everything. I began to wonder if creatives have anything to worry about. Spoiler alert: They don’t!


This event concept explores a new kind of advertising conference.


For the past couple of decades, AI has been focused on marketing optimization and strategy, specifically in ad operations.

Many advertising professionals are either unaware of AI’s potential to improve marketing efforts, or haven’t had a chance to explore it.
Many ad creatives stay an arm-length away from the topic and don’t understand its full potential.

creative concept

Initiating an interaction with an actual AI to educate advertising professionals on its potential, challenge preconceived notions, and clear up misconceptions around how the technology is being put to use. 


Direct Promotion

Out-Of-Home Advertising

Online Presence & Program
The conference is focused around digital design, to translate the concept further, the mobile online event program was designed as the part of the web presence.

At the Event

The speakers at the conference have already figured out what kind of friend AI is to them.

Atendees name tags are neutral.

Under guidance of Lis Charman