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This event concept explores the idea of a conference for advertising professionals and those entering the industry, that would introduce the powerful relationship possible between AI and creatives.

When interning at Yahoo!, I worked with many ad operation specialists that were manually targeting different market segments, and all I could think of is how AI could be much more efficient at that. I dug deeper and turned the question to the creative field.

What if instead of being afraid of AI taking over your job, you can learn to use it to your advantage and create together?


For past decades of its existence, AI* has been focused on optimization and strategy, specifically in ad operations segment.

Many creative advertising professionals are aware of potential integration of AI from the creative side, but haven’t had a chance to explore it. Others entering the ad industry are not even aware of the potential AI integration.

AI has been moving into the ad industry, yet many creatives stay an arm-length away from the topic and don’t understand its full potential.

Your computer might be your workhorse, it might be your baby. Why can’t AI have these similar associations in the minds of those working closely with it?

creative concept

Challenging the current perceptions and people’s outlook on AI. Initiating an interaction with, rather than active fearing of the machine learning technology.



Direct Promotion

Out-of-Home Advertising

Online Presence & Program
The conference is focused around digital design, to translate the concept further, the event program is online was designed as the part of the web presence.

At the Event

The speakers at the conference have already figured out what kind of friend AI is to them.

Atendees name tags are neutral.

“The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.”
—Jeff Hawkins

Under guidance of Lis Charman

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