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This thesis project explores the role of a fans and fan clubs in different sports and proposes a support system to the launch of the U.S. professional volleyball league.


Volleyball has been established over 100 years ago, yet it still does not have a professional league presence in the United States.

Over 400 players are forced to play abroad just to do what they love for living, and the two attempts to establish the league back in 1987 and 2002 only showed the lack of support from the media and the audience.

USA Volleyball is planning on launching the league in 2020, so by that time the fans will need to be trained to understand the game.

research question

What is the perception of volleyball and how can it be repositioned to establish volleyball as a professional sport in the United States?


Over the course of this project I continuously researched the sport of volleyball, its perceptions among my peers, along with the established fan communities in the sport of European soccer and American football.

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next steps

The focus of this project is addressing a larger problem at hand by proposing a local fan club and developing a the website and style for the potential expansion. There is an opportunity to continue this project by developing the community app, and addressing the expansion of this project across different cities.

full case study

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